Monday, February 12, 2007

The Republican Town Committee Wants You!!

The East Hartford Republican Town Committee has formed a search committee for the purpose of interviewing residents interested in running for office in the upcoming municipal elections.

The prospective candidate will need to submit a resume and letter of intent to the committee for consideration.

Any questions may be directed to:

Paul Roczynski 860-569-7006

Mary Mourey 860-291-7282

John Ryan 860-569-6685

From the East Hartford Gazette

A letter by Minority Leader Donald Pitkin:

From a SPEAKING OUT: It has been my longtime belief that "words must say what they mean and mean what they say." In my personal existence, it is certain that I have strayed on occasion.

But for me there is no straying from that belief when it comes to those bodies of law we must live by, The United States Constitution and Amendments, The State of Connecticut Constitution and Amendments and the East Hartford Town Charter as amended.

The following questions are presented to inform and hopefully to create interest.

Do you know that all elected officials of our Town Government take an oath to "uphold and enforce the charter and ordinances?"

Do you know that sections of the Town Charter you approved by your vote on November 2, 2004, are being violated by their non-compliance?

Do you know that our Charter is our "organic law, the body of laws (as in a constitution) that define and establish government?" Ref. As defined by Black's Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition.

Do you know that by your vote you established our current Government and that only you can approve changes thereto?

Do you know that the Charter you were asked to approve had been agreed to by only the Majority Town Council members?

Do you know that Minority Town Council members disagreed because there were sections carried forward that had not been complied with for years?

Do you know the Tax Collector is appointed by the Director of Finance who is appointed by the Mayor?

Do you know that Town charter Section 5.6 (b) states "The Tax Collector shall have the powers and duties imposed by law?"

Do you know that the Tax Collector cannot comply with Connecticut General Statute (CGS) 12-147 which states "Except as otherwise provided by law, each tax collector shall, on or before the tenth day of each month, pay to the treasurer of the municipality all moneys collected by him previous to the first day of the month in taxes, interest, penalties and lien fees thereon?" That for non-compliance with CGS 12-147 the Tax Collector is subject to a fine of one hundred dollars, per CGS 12-150?

Do you know the Tax Collector cannot comply with the State Statute because the Director of Finance does not comply with Town Charter Section 6.9(c) which states "The Director of Finance shall prescribe the time at which and the manner in which persons receiving money on account of the town shall pay the same to the Town Treasurer?"

Do you know that because the Director of Finance does not comply with Town Charter Section 6.9(c), the Town Treasurer cannot comply with Town Charter Section 5.3?

Do you know that Town Charter Section 5.3 states in part "The Town Treasurer shall be Treasurer of town funds and school funds... that he or she shall be responsible for... all duties imposed by the General Statutes on the Treasurer of the town?"

Do you know that the above requirements of the Town Treasurer were stated in the Town Charter of 1929? The change from the Town Meeting direct form of government to the current Town Council representative form of government?

Do you know that CGS7-80 states "The Town Treasurer shall receive all money belonging to the town, pay it out on the order of the proper authority and keep record of all moneys received and when received and all moneys paid out, when, for what and upon whose authority?"

Do you know that CGS10-248 states "The expenses of maintaining public schools in each town which shall be incurred with the approval of the Board of Education shall be paid by the Town Treasurer on order drawn by such board?"

Do you know that the Mayor is in violation of the Town Charter? That Section 4.2(c) states "The Mayor shall see that all laws and ordinances governing the town are faithfully enforced?

Do you know that the above means not only the laws of the Town Charter, but also those Connecticut General Statutes that are directed at towns and town officials?

Do you know that in correspondence, the Mayor has quoted from a former Corporation Counsel as her authority for deviating from Town Charter?

Are the above examples what you wanted set by your elected and appointed officials?

Is this the message you want sent to your children and grandchildren? That when elected it is all right to violate the laws of government that are supposed to be upheld and enforced?

For those who have read the foregoing and are concerned, take action. Come to Town Council meetings and let your elected council members hear your concerns. Seek the interest of your friends and neighbors and bring them with you. Express your concerns in letters to the East Hartford Gazette.

For those who have read the foregoing and could care less, what is there to say or think?

Monday, January 8, 2007

A Residents observations

I cannot believe what is happening to East Hartford and in particular-our high school!

The recent article in the Hartford Courant(November 15, 2006) regarding the arrest of Board of Education member Dorese Roberts assaulting her daughter has prompted this letter.negative

My husband and I moved to East Hartford 48 years ago to raise our family in a decent, law abiding town. My children and grandchildren have attended East Hartford Public Schools and only over the past several years have I seen such drastic changes.

  • Loitering at EHHS
  • Indecent. disgusting attire worn by students
  • Complete lack of respect for staff, residents and property.
  • Complete lack of discipline and manners.
  • What type of education is provided when our students speak-"I be wid you in a minute after I ax this man if this candy be 50 cent?"
When I arrive at EHHS to pick up my granddaughter I am not able to continue to pass through the front drive of the school because of loitering by the students. Why have security guards if they don't secure the area? Why have a dress code when it is being totally ignored by students and not enforced by the Administration? It is apparent to me that the crude attitude, and general careless demeanor displayed by most of these youngsters mirrors the irresponsibility of at least one board member as well as those individuals who have elected her or selected her and the others who govern our residents. Was Ms. Roberts's character not investigated before being given the responsibility of our children's welfare? Where has the pride in one's community gone?
When is all this going to stop? Surely one of our leaders must have the foresight and intelligence
to research the ability and respectability of board members before they are elected and/or appointed to do the right job for the residents of our town.

East Hartford, a once beautiful, well kept, decent town to raise a family in is not that anymore. I am ashamed to tell people where I live.

Mayor Currey, Mr. Kehoe, Mr. Salemi, Mr. Roczynski, Dr. Martinez, Ms. Mayranen-O' Brien; what has happened to the integrity that is supposed to be your responsibility?

With Respect,

Mrs. Barbara C. Yockachonis

cc: Mayor Melody Currey
Mr. Richard Kehoe, Chairman, Town Council
Mr. Bud Salemi, Democratic Town Committee
Mr. Paul Roczynski, Republican Town Committee
Dr. Marion Martinez, Superintendant
Ms. Hilde Mayranen-O'Brien, Board of Education
Ms. Karen Howe, Secretary, Board of Education

Paul Roczynski Honored

Mr Paul J. Roczynski of East Hartford to be awarded Congressional Medal of Distinction

Washington D.C. NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds and the National Republican Congressional Committee(NRCC) announced today that Mr. Paul J. Roczynski has been chosen as a 2006 Congressional Medal of Distinction winner.

Mr. Roczynski was selected based on unyielding support of the Republican Party, outstanding leadership in business and contributions to the local economy.

Only an elite group of business and professional people were nominated to receive the award before the awards selection committee reached a final decision.

Commenting on Mr. Roczynski's selection, Congressman Reynolds said, "Mr. Roczynski has served as an Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council and has provided much needed support. This award could not have gone to a more deserving candidate."

Friday, January 5, 2007

Eric Thompson

East Hartford, these are some transitional times for us. I am personally honored and humbled to accept our recently vacated town council seat. I am fully aware that the shoes that I have been appointed to fill are large and I appreciate all of the support and the many votes of confidence for me as we press our town forward to the next level of municipal success and achievement. I believe in East Hartford; especially its potential for greatness and prominence within the State of Connecticut. These positive trends are within this ‘threshold of transition’ and I believe it is essential to capitalize on common sense directives to maximize upon our town’s heritage, present living conditions and future challenges and accomplishments. As Town Councilor, I will do everything within my power and capabilities to achieve these goals for the residents of East Hartford.

I am going to be perfectly honest with you; accomplishing these goals will not be easy. There is no simple solution to the litany of issues that we are facing. The state and the town must work together to acquiesce any semblance of affluence. There are already certain factions that have been actively negotiating to pursue the achievement of these goals. Through a variety of personal sacrifices, many have taken a zero percent wage increase this year to help offset East Hartford’s forthcoming re-evaluation property tax increase. Although this is not the solution, it is a responsible step in the right direction for commonsense progress in East Hartford. With the Town’s fiscal budget upon us, reducing our spending must be a priority. Excessive and new expenditures, in my viewpoint, must be scrutinized and dissected for the benefit of the residents of East Hartford. Partisan politicking must not be utilized, as only the residents suffer for ‘one partied’ agenda ridden policies. This is the time where the town should unite, remove the boxing gloves, and embrace our common goals, concerns and problems together. Contrastingly, I am very optimistic that the leadership in this town will be prudent and responsive to the residents as well as utilizing discretion appropriate for the successful operation of the town. Some examples of this responsiveness from our administration and leadership are starting to manifest. People are coming forth, expressing their dissatisfaction with the present way things are being handled. Exhibiting boldness, our present mayor has made some fiscally responsible statements, arguing against recent financial decisions made by the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education; I am hoping this sentiment of fiscal responsibility to the residents of our town continues to be top priority with my colleagues on the Council in 2007.

I look forward to this legislative process optimistically, seeing that I am the ‘new kid on the block.’ While the term ‘neophyte’ may be an accurate statement about me, please do not become dismayed about my agenda and intentions for the town of East Hartford. I recently took an oath to uphold and protect the charter of this town and I take that oath seriously. I am very excited to move forward into this transitional period of our town. I welcome this challenge and am eager to introduce my ideas and perspectives as well as the ideas and perspectives of those whom I represent. Feel free to contact me as I wish to be a conduit to your local government here in East Hartford. It is all about you, your family and livelihood! Let us make the best of life here in East Hartford; better, together.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Eric Thompson appointed to the East Hartford Town Council

January 2, 2007 East Hartford Town Council Chambers. Republican Town Committee member Eric Thompson was sworn in to complete the term of Stephanie Lebanowski. Eric joins fellow Republicans Don Pitkin, Minority Leader and Pat Harmon. Present to support Eric were his wife Mia, Republican Town Chairman Paul Roczynski and his wife Mary Ann, Daniel Moura, Susan Skowronek, John Ryan, Joe and Caroline Kronen, and Esther Clarke. Congratulations Eric, we are all pulling for you!!!

East Hartford Town Council Minority Leader Donald H. Pitkin and Council member Pat Harmon place the motion to accept the appointment of Eric Thompson to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Stephanie Lebanowski, before the Town Council. The council approved his appointment unanimously 8-0

Eric Thompson is sworn in by East Hartford Town Clerk Sharon Miller as Council member Jason Rojas looks on.

Eric receiving the oath office for the Town Council.

Newly appointed Town Council member Eric Thompson addresses the Council, audience and the viewers of Channel 5 as Minority Leader Pitkin looks on

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tribute to the late Gerald R. Ford

The Patriotic Commission of the Town of East Hartford met tonight to deliver a moving tribute to the late President Gerald R. Ford in the Town Council Chambers. Minority Leader Donald H. Pitkin provided a historical perspective on President Ford's life.